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Without our factories, we couldn’t do what we do. They’re the key to what makes our company great, by providing cutting edge technology without the exorbitant prices of our competitors. These innovative workshops have come up with new ways of assembling master craft furniture, so you can have the same high quality you’ve always wanted at an affordable, reasonable price.

Of course, we’re very picky when it comes to who we choose to work with, so all of our partner manufacturers have met the same high standards we hold ourselves to. We aren’t in the business of creating products that are sort of what we wanted; instead, we mold each piece to the exact specifications of its design, and we don’t cut any corners in the process. Our partner factories have the expertise and the means to get this done quickly and affordably, and we always past those cost savings on to you.

In addition to strict specifications, we also rigorously test each piece for the quality of its design and manufacturing. This quality assurance process ensures that items are never defective or anything less than timeless.

But what about the way the factories are run? That’s another element of our high standards, and we’re proud to say that each factory we work with offers their employees a living wage and minimizes its impact on our environment. Through sustainability (towards both humans and Mother Nature) we hope to reimagine the way our furniture is created. By providing affordable, modern furniture for each of our customers and protecting our environment in the process, we can feel good about the work that COMPANYNAME is doing. And when you buy from us, we want you to feel good about it too.


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