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Inspired by POUL VOLTHER

Normal Price: $11,890.00


  • Price for original: $ 5,543

Normal Price: $11,890.00


  • Comfortable easychair from 1964
  • Available in soft cashmere or semi-aniline leather
  • Volume m3 : 0.7912
  • Width : 89,5 cm
  • Height : 102 cm
  • Depth : 83 cm
  • Seating height : 41 cm
  • Designers :Poul Volther
  • Frame :Wood frame
  • Legs :Brushed Stainless steel
  • Filling :Wood frame + PU foam
  • Fabric :Semi aniline leather
  • 30 days free returns

An iconic and timeless classic, the celebrated Poul Volther Corona Chair has featured in countless movies, TV shows and music videos. Our Poul Volther style Corona Chair is a faithful and high quality production. The unique individual parts are placed on a brushed stainless steel frame, that curves down to a four-point star base. The chair comes in a range of colours and can be upholstered in either soft cashmere wool or semi-aniline leather, which is resistant to stains. Combine it with our Poul Volther Corona footstool for the full Corona experience.


Poul M. Volther created the Corona Chair in 1964. Some say it was inspired by time-lapse photography of a lunar eclipse and its surrounding corona. Others believe the inspiration was the strength and flexibility of a human spine. We think it was a bit of both. The chair's name and sculptural weightlessness are strong indicators of the lunar influences. However, if you look at the chair straight on, it does resemble a human spine with each component working to support the back when seated.




1923-2001 (Denmark)

Poul Volther was a Danish furniture designer who favoured functionalism over short-lived trends. He strongly believed in quality craftsmanship and simple manufacture of fine materials. He produced a wide variety of armchairs and sofas, but the Corona Chair is by far his most famous design.

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