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Our Story

Our story isn’t about fancy showrooms or cookie-cutter furniture. It’s about creating a unique, one of a kind piece for every customer who reaches out to us. It’s about designing furniture that’s made to last, without emptying your savings account. Through meaningful, long-term relationships with manufacturers and a comparatively low overhead, we’re able to provide you with top quality furniture at an affordable, sustainable price.

Your perfect piece may be leather or silk, wood or chrome. No matter what materials you’re looking for, COMPANYNAME only sources from the best designers and creators, so you know that no matter what, you’re always receiving the best quality for your money. That’s been our commitment since day one, and we’ve had the pleasure of watching our business thrive as more and more customers experience the alternative purchasing experience we provide.

To do this, we’ve assembled a great team of designers, writers, and other industry experts. We work hard to find and create furniture that inspires you, but our job is so much more than that. We want you to have an amazing experience as you furnish or redecorate your home, from the moment you start brainstorming your design to the moment it arrives at your door.

So get ready to have the furniture you’ve always dreamed of but thought you could never afford. Good furniture isn’t meant to be inaccessible, whether that’s by price or by comfort. No matter where you are in your purchasing process, whether you’re looking at swatches or you’ve already fallen in love with something from our catalog, you can rest assured that our prices will always be reasonable and our finished product will always be nothing short of the best.


good sense of furniture is good for your life!